Ever wanted to be able to sing along with Biscuit without feeling like a moron? Salvation has arrived...check out the lyrics.

1. Lizard Head
2. Voyeurism
3. False Journey
4. H
5. Powderbrain
1. 6.9
2. Medium
3. Pilot
4. Monkey Boy
5. Evolution
1. Medicine
2. Moodracer
3. Freak Shape
4. Wake In Anger
5. Wonderland



Well, I'm dyin' to know
Yes, I'm tryin' to see
Whether your truth is a pass
At what you're tryin' to be

Your riddles could mean anything

I'm stuck in a hole
I'm caught in between
And there ain't nothin' inside
That makes sense to me
Your riddles could mean anything

You show your face, it's like a lizardhead

There's some things you say
And yet there's others you do
Your life is comically bound
As all the bullshit you chew

Your actions could mean anything

You pencil around
While others crawl at your feet
Your life is nothin' but crowds
Where you go feed off the meat

You give it to these lamebrains

You show your face, it's like a lizardhead

VOYEURISM I could do it black and white Twisted all around inside your head Syncopated, solarized I could do it till my head goes red Psycho-logic voyeurism It's so sublime and I do it well! Runnin' backwards in the dark Tryin' cricles when i should try squares In a cycle spinnin' round Nothin' hidden, everthing looks bare Psycho-logic voyeurism It's so sublime and I do it well! Well I'm dyin', alone-myself Psycho-logic voyeurism It's so sublime and I do it well!

FALSE JOURNEY Protect all in the world that enslaves you People demons playin' greed tunes Never knowing which way To turn or be safe Anger coverin' your attitude Pullin' faces that you never knew Intimidation is your trade False Journey Stare - you're now gone There ain't nothin' in this world that can help you Every moment it escapes you Never knowin' your brain Decides your end fate Everybody that surrounds you Continues following with no clue Intimidation is your trade False Journey Don't pretend your mind is right Let go the pain - and I will come

H Unremitting, exhaustive tension Lifetime crimer, your mind is hole Sworded vision, your lost convention Parking free, Yeah I'm here to shut you down So asinine situations So many faces that you choose Different places When time is tickin' and your mind doesn't hold And the conversations of you lyric...untold Soundin' like a wound out Record playin', Livin' lies like you're spellbound Time is changin' but your brain doesn't know External failure as your mouth shit flows I'm here to shut you down Hide behind a glass wall A liquid toxin, as your mind starts to wander more There isn't time for your brain to review All the information telecast at you Drown in your humility As time addresses all your speeches of monotony Aggressive nature as you sway to and fro Repugnant wanker with a fuse set to blow I'm here to shut you down Unremitting, compulsive liar Lifetime crimer, your mind is hole Sworded vision, your last convention Parkin' free, Yeah - your mind is gone Drown in your humility As time addresses your speeches of monotony You know you're gettin' on my mind You're takin' up my time You know I'm gonna shut you down

POWDERBRAIN Slowly watch your mind escape outside of you Then create a picture that you didn't choose Tranquilize your vision Solarize your mission Expel your thoughts into motion Animate Snowcone - a means of emotion Powderbrain Sofa loathing, couch potato in a room Stuck on standby, life by watching on a tube Blood lies far from lonely Caught in time you owe me Slowly put your hand inside my mind



You're ostracised and you're categorised
You're slagged stoned placed
And you're wasted on the outside
You've drawn the short straw
Always been dicked

And the solitude eats at you

You're overdrawn 
From the punishment exercised
Life's a daze 
And the world seems mesmirised
Worn out cold 

And the solitude knows your name

Take a look at the world that makes you play the game

Haggler swipes
And monster bites
Truck loads self abuse
I'll bring to the main fight

And the solitude eats at you

Machines turn as fax
And you fake your way
Time's ticking, the master plan's underway
You're left dry

And the system it owns your name

MEDIUM Truth shown Sometimes hidden inside the lines Only where the readers mind's willing to go Telling the right from wrong, selling the right Mudraker A pen-pusher who tries the lie wholly In the black and white gospel the preach and show Selling their right for life, moulding the truth Careful what you say The media's primed, and there's no holes barred Gold star Given to the paper whose grade is made Written with the poison pen labelled the trump card All morals are lost in time, head in the stars Everyday Many lives shaken and sacrificed Blantant biased writing as the paper is sold Felling the good with bad, tainting the truth Careful what you say The media's primed, no holes barred PILOT A manga movement as the screen fades Lying inside a black and white trade The anger thicken to inhale me Another session as you fail me I'm packing heavy to release pain Fire the green the money lost The room revels to replace me Another channel as you change me Well I'm flying As I'm slowly going through a phase I'm flying And I'm lost down deep between the everglades I plane a pilot flying low By stuck in space I'm on a cloud high The colours coming to invade me Another channel as you change me Lying naked on my cross nailed Trying the line a psycho lost train The silence deafens to embrace me Another channel as you change me

MONKEY BOY Psycho inside your maze Where suspicion it cries your name And slowly the hole gets small And the air's thin paranoia stings Plastic it pays your waiting Deception it hides your face Your colours are suited black And you're ace high as you bullshit Monkey boy Try and manage your way through time but the truth hurts Searching your way through life For a meaning to conquer time As the cycle turns and your hands Sill in the sun dial Slowly it takes you away to a prison that Holds your mind And it's over now Monkey boy Try and manage your way through time but the truth hurts


so many thousand years ago is man supposed walked the earth, if dinosaurs were planet kings and evolution was the thing the solar systen all around was turning black and forth through sound and living things that weren't about buzzed flashing lights with power rounds science wasn't commonplace though man was thought to be the one who massappeared from gases near and far from what is outerspace and apes and monkeys hold the facts of man and how our history acts the theory evolution states a tragedy like watergate and now you're suffering rounded ships from outerspace with short green men another race and alien not known to man with coloured skin and funny hands the tv lies and camera tells of stranger things we've never seen from astro boy to strange machines and lost in space to orson wells governments evade the time by laws they've made protecting rights to show us what we want to see and holding facts so secretly our eyes are never shown the truth it's bureaucratic poli-truths that cloud our minds and make us see a vision that we call tv.



It creeps its way inside of me
And makes me see another way
A side I've never seen
A way to see, a way to things
I've never been
It turns my head inside itself
It starts to ring
The thinking hurts
It's time to take control of me

Overkilled misanthropy
Leading questions from a movie scene
Or is it real
The side of me I've never seen
I make my way to another place
Where nothing ever loses face
Or seems to be
I take it some things are real

Is it right, is it wrong
Is it right, or is it wrong

Maybe you should go out there 
And do all those fucked up things
That they say you shouldn't do.
Cause who knows you might like it, 
And who's to say what's right and what's wrong?

I'm stuck here waiting for the breath of mobility
It's like a circus with my life right in front of me
I'm getting tired, getting tired of the sanity
Of all the things to be, and all the things to see

If you could sew me in my place

(Medicine medicine medicine medicine medicine
I've gotta get, I've gotta get me some medicine
I've gotta find, I've gotta find me some medicine
I've gotta get, I've gotta get me some medicine)


I'm anatomically polygamy probable
But I'm one mongamus soul
As I sratch and bake my way through the cycle
Ever searching for my goal


I'm melancholical
So anabolical
I like it all so al
I'm any everyway
So hypocritical
But yet I'm whimsical
I'm never ever ill
I suffer every day
I'm tre fanatical
But not compatible
A fucking animal
I'll do it anyway
But then I'm moralistic
Or so I wish I think it
There isn't anything I wouldn't do or say

Moodracer, moodracer
Moodracer, moodracer


I love anxiety
But not sobritey
I'm past society
I'm on an off away
So not political 
And yet I'm critical
But individual
I live a day a day

I chop and change as I chew between faces
His moods race so he's dubbed the moodracer


Last rights cos' now I'm taking a stand
A noted declaration so that you understand
I'm real, a surprise,
Ah something that'll turn your head and make you start to realize
I'm back, make way
I'll make you shake your bacon-head and wish you'd never come my way
Watch out, make way
Cos' I'll be coming round, as I'm holding a freak shape

Cruisin' in my bat-mobile
Freak shape
Cruisin' in  my bat-mobile

Blue light a motivational scam
Unorganized disaster suited blue like ham
Step back, take aim
You're racing down the speedway like the pig you are you're chasing away
Blue lights, siren
The noise you're making as you're baking try and catch me come on and play
Watch out, make way
Cos' I'll be coming round, as I'm holding a freak shape.

Don't you fuck you harass me
Don't you fucking harass me, etc….
Whole lies are what you're planning to spin as you see me


Head spins sideways
Off my brain I'm blind to your ways
Trying to achieve
Disengage emotions as I slowly go down, down, down
Red flag fly high
Pop into a shell lie inside
Ready to believe
Burning as the whole around slowly goes down

Wake in anger

White, black, grey day
Troubled fool a greed leads your way
Step and take a bow
Blinded by a flash of green sending you round, round, round
Whole lives drawn by
Colour you are born set to die
Happy to believe
Music to the peopleas the system goes round

Wake in anger

Life dealt with pros and cons and deals


Like dust on a black old day
You saunter slowly around in a trance all day
Cruisin' slowly perusin' magazines on the one saide
I think you wish you were down by the pool side

You like to think about, dream about it, talk about it
While others go about it searchin' for a way around it
Checked out on a chunk of kryptonite
Sittin' at home almost every night

If you wanna, you wanna get me high
Well there's something, something you should know about

Too much strain for your T.V brain you've had it
There isn't time to et back to the thought train
Choo-choo sounds as the ship sails round again
Another vision that ends in the waste bin

Green cocaine, rots your brain, you're insane, pass your life away
Nothing to say, take a ride on the couch today

Well there's something you should know