This is the first of many "question sessions" with Biscuit (if you want your questions included in the next one, email us your questions). However, be warned...and don't take any of the following answers too seriously.


1. What is Chris' guitar setup/pedal usage etc?
Zoom Super Player 8080 FX board, Boss Metal Zone pedal, Jimi Hendrix Cry Baby, Marshall JCM 800 head, Laney 350 watt quad box.

2. The line up has changed a bit, who are the original members of Biscuit?

3. Why Biscuit?
Wheat flour, vegetable oil (palm), salt, baking powder - may contain traces of nut, egg, dairy or seed.

4. Girlfriends? Wives? Children? Blow-up companions?
All of the above (send blow-up companions a plenty!!)

5. What is the meaning of Voyeurism and why don't you play it live?
It means "dirty peeper". We've moved on from Voyeurism, it's had it's day.

6. What's Jake's bass setup?
AMP Bass and fingers.

7. What's Matt's drum setup?
AXO RX5/96 KX250/Shift wear.

8. What are your jobs outside the band?
Topless waiter, cow insemination farmer, butcher, baker, candlestick maker, android assembly line, human cloning engineer.

9. Who writes the songs?

10. What influences Wesz's lyrics?
His own dementia.

11. When writing songs, is it music or lyrics first?
Music first.

12. How long have you been playing your respective instruments?
There's nothing respective about what we do...but we play with ourselves constantly.

13. How did Wesz get the scar on the side of his stomach?
Shark attack.

14. In your opinion, what's the worst gig?
Being the guy who makes the holes in the donuts.

15. What's the weirdest experience you've ever had being in a band?
When the Fonz jumped 17 barrels on his motorbike in the carpark and crashed into Arnold's fried chicken stand.

16. Is getting a record contract a major thing for the band?
No...we'd much rather starve and keep paying for it all ourselves!!!

17. What is your definition of success for Biscuit as a band?
To reach as many people as we can and for it to still remain fun.